Thursday, July 3, 2014

a few simple models and design for embroidered rings

to finish the embrodered rings tutorial, lets look at a few simple models.

if you missed it, the tutorial to make these rings, step by step, is right here.

This is the first model we made.  8 segments,  always stitching in one direction.

If we use an odd number of segments, like 7 in this example,  the second round of stitching (or the second part of a double-round )  cross over the first, giving us some big fish scales shapes.
Seven segments, 1 starting point.

Starting  with the same 7 segments , we can use the cross-over point to find the middle of each segment. An imaginary line there will give us an additional marking spots at each segment.

7 segments, 2 starting points.  Small fish scales.

Going back to 8 segments ring.  This time we have 2 starting points - each to a different side.  Stitch one round to the right, then start another thread and stitch to the left.
(how to stitch to the  left? Either do exactly the oppisite of stitching right, or just turn the ring upside-down !)

using the same 8 segments, adding 2 starting points on the un-used markers ...


i've pinned a  few more rings for inspiration, have fun experimenting !
linking to show and tell

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