Tuesday, May 13, 2014

tutorial - crazy curvy coasters

i got a few lovely emails asking how i did my crazy curvy coasters.  they are actually very easy to do , and a great use for some  scraps and leftover bias! 
 you can see some of my curvy crazy coasters here.
first, let's plan our pieces.here  i'm using word to draw a 4-pieces coaster .
starting with a big circle, in 4 parts.
(if you're after a hexagon shape, simply start with an Equilateral triangle)
 i want my parts to be a little more interesting , so i'll add curves to the main pièces shape

 copy and paste the same curve, rotate it by 90 degrees and place on the other side of your main piece.
because we used the same curves, 4 of those pièces will interlock into eachother, creating the coaster.
from here, i find it easier to print and draw the inner curves by pencil (and eraser !).
this is the final model i came up with :
write a number on each part before you cut the paper off. those numbers will help keep you focus on the right side of the fabric, and place within the final coaster shape.

cut your fabrics exactly the size of the your models. no need to add seam allowance.
 arrange all your pièces on some fusible interfacing , light or medium weight - whatever you have. no fusible interfacing  ?  you can use temporary glue spray to hold the fabrics in place.
using some freezer paper to protect your iron, press carefully . 
cut around.

as you can see, the match is not 100 percent, but that's ok, time to cover the lines.
you can cover them with thin bias tape , with or without embroidery garnish:
 you can cover the lines using  thick embroidery stitches. here i used herringbone stitch with multicolor thread:
(of course, if you're friendly enough with your sewing machine, a zig-zag stitch is the fastest option).
line the back (if you want) and finish with bias tape around , or some embroidery/crochet , as you want.

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