Friday, May 9, 2014

tutorial - mini owl

yesterday , i had fun sewing a small blue owl. working out pattern, size shape... i like experimenting like that (who am i kidding? i'm just putting off finishing my new wrap skirt, buttonholes are scary !) .
this morning , i called my husband over  to see what i did and the poor little owl was GONE.  an intensive hunt around the house found him parked on the former's screen.  i've been told it has been relocated to a better place  as 'the baby owl didn't like your messy table'.
i know the truth.
it's too cute to resist.
here is how i made the mini owl (purple turtle photobombing) :
 cut your fabrics.  i used cotton scrap for the body and felts for the base and eyes.
 fold the body, right sides together, and sew them.
fill the conus with whatever. i used  yarn leftovers.
sew loosly around the edge of the conus and pull carefull on the thread, the edges will fold Inside into a round shape. know the thread, push the filling in again, and sew your base on.



now, push the filling out of the top part, and fold it down. pin the eyes on.  play with the pins until you're happy with the shape of your owl and sew in place.
in this owl, my seem is just in the middle, so it comes out Under the 'beak', in the blue owl , the seem is sideway. see what works for your owl.

 all done, ready to go out .

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